The combination of flour+butter+stock+cream, resulting in a velvet-like broth.


Velouté is a common French culinary base that is the starting point for a plethora of French dishes and recipes; the foundation in a French kitchen.  And much like this foundation, Velouté believes that much of the foundation of community and life begins with good French food. 

Velouté is a catering and lifestyle company: providing classic French cuisine for events, weddings, corporate & your home.  We believe that much of life revolves around a beautiful meal and are committed to providing others with this same value.

Pascal Larcher, born and raised in Toulon (a small town in Provence, France), has been incorporating his taste and passion for traditional French cuisine and his mother's French Creole influence since he was a boy.  After receiving training and graduating from Lycée Hotelier St. Louis, he interned under Michel Troisgros's master chef, Patrice Segreto.  Then in 2001, he moved to the heart of the States, Kansas City, to help open a new French restaurant in the beloved Crestwood neighborhood.  After 12 years and then 4 more years in corporate culinary, he has now taken on his newest endeavor, Velouté.